Remapping with results

Cane harvesting company with 2 Case 8000 series harvesters saving more than 100 litres per day each harvester. Faster to cut, cleaner cane in the bins, massive increase in overall productivity.
Cutting 80 tonnes more per day with the harvester, and saving 40 litres a day with the 2 bin tractors is saving/making the owner just shy of $1000 a week (6 days).
<h4>“I had to stop and check, I thought the Chopper had fallen off” – <strong>John Deere 9650</strong></h4>
“We recently had one JD 6830 tractor tuned , after talking with them regarding what I wanted out of my haulout tractors they certainly delivered the goods. Our tractors had suffered from average fuel consumption and lower than expected power from new.

Our sugarcane harvesting company works 6 days a week 12 hours a day with 1 x jd harvester and 2 x jd 6830 towing 10 tonne cane bins. Whilst we expected some fuel savings with the tuning which we got 20 liters per day saving great , the main advantage we seen is the increase in productivity .

Basicly we got a extra hours work done in 12 hours due to the fact the tractor can get to the siding and unload quicker and get back to the harvester to reload sooner, if fact the difference was that much we need to get the other tractor tuned quickly as one would be slower the quicker would catch it and have to wait which showed to me a instant improvement in productivity.

Now we have both tractors tuned and saving upto 40 litres per day total and a extra 2 hours productivity we are very happy with the results and are looking at tuning our harvester also.

I see it as a long term investment with a quick return.

Thanks again” – Mark

“The John Deere mechanic reckons he has seen S680’s that don’t do what mine will” – John Deere S660 Owner
“Compared to a chip, it’s not good, It’s Bloody Awesome!!! - John Deere Mechanic
“It doesn’t die in heavy crop it just keeps pulling” – New Holland CR970
“Fuel saving of over 15L per hour” – John Deere S680
“Fuel saving of over 10L per hour” – John Deere S660